Popular Warzone Field Upgrade returning in Season 2 and fans are delighted

Connor Bennett
warzone operator using phone

Fortune’s Keep has been confirmed to return in Warzone Season 2, but that’s not all. The fan-favorite map will also be joined by a popular piece of equipment. 

Warzone has undergone a litany of massive changes over the last few years. After starting off with Verdansk as the only map, the devs have added a handful of different battlegrounds since, including the likes of Rebirth Island, Fortune’s Keep, Ashika Island, Vondel, Caldera, Al-Mazrah, and Urzikstan. 

On top of the different maps, they’ve also innovated with different gameplay features and mechanics. Things like ziplines have been added to more easily navigate the map, you can revive teammates with buyback tokens, and so on. 

As changes have been made, some items and features have gotten lost in the shuffle – left on Warzone Caldera and not seen again in Modern Warfare 3’s update. However, that is changing for one particular Field Upgrade. 

Warzone’s PDS Field Upgrade confirmed for Season 2 

With Season 2 on the horizon, the Warzone devs have confirmed that Fortune’s Keep will be returning in the new update. On top of that, they also revealed the PDS – Personal Decontamination Station – will also be making a return at some point in the new season. 

If you’re a newer player who is unfamiliar with the PDS, well, it’s a Field Upgrade that was introduced back in Vanguard and was placed down similar to a Trophy System. 

Once activated, the PDS would create a shield around you from the gas for around 15 seconds. This allowed players who were struggling inside the gas to redo their armor, take a break to plan their next move or get the drop on someone they were following. 

The return of the PDS has already been welcomed by many players, with some calling it a “big W” and feeling like the battle royale is going back to “prime Warzone.” 

As noted, the popular Field Upgrade won’t be available right as Season 2 starts, but at some point after the main update. So, probably in Season 2 Reloaded.

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