Apex Legends controller players are totally dominating PC Ranked in Predator

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Apex Legends controller players have taken over the Predator ladder on PC, with only a few of the top 25 highest Ranked competitors using MnK.

The MnK versus controller debate has been raging on since the release of Apex Legends all the way back in 2019.

While some players argue controller aim assist is OP and makes it easy to land shots, others claim the precision offered by MnK is unmatched.

Of course, at the end of the day, the choice all comes down to preference and which devices you perform better on.

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However, in Season 14, the majority of Predator players on the PC ladder are controller users, and it has led a lot of the community to conclude that controller is the better option.

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The controller vs MnK debate has been going on since the release of Apex Legends.

Controller players have taken over Apex Legends Predator

While the MnK versus controller debate will likely never be resolved, one Twitter user thinks they’ve found the evidence to prove that controller is the better option.

After collecting data from Apex Legends Status, @JENNIFE79737685 has pointed out that 88% of the top 25 PC Predator players are using a controller.

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Showcasing each player’s device of choice by colored circles, orange stands for unknown and red marks a verified controller-only player.

With aim assist being available for those who use controller, it’s possible that top-ranked players prefer the device as it makes close-range gunfights significantly easier.

Although MnK offers pinpoint precision, a lot of Apex’s skirmishes happen at close-range where every point of damage matters.

While this could just be a temporary trend or coincidence, it does showcase the popularity of controller among the best players in the world.

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Some members of the community believe this evidence is enough to justify a nerf to aim assist. However, it’s extremely unlikely Respawn would consider this when using such a small sample size.

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