Apex Legends expert picks “overpowered” gun to dominate Hardcore LTM

Sentinel Apex Legends sniperRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Hardcore Royale releases with the Celestial Sunrise Collection event on January 24, but which gun is going to dominate the new LTM?

Apex Legends’ Celestial Sunrise Collection Event arrives on January 24 and alongside a variety of new cosmetics, the community will be able to jump into Hardcore Royale.

As every competitor in this mode has white shields and no helmets, it’s significantly easier to take opponents down.

Of course, this means the weapon meta will shift in this LTM, making guns with one-shot potential top-tier and unstoppable.

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Well, Apex expert Gaming Merchant believes he’s identified the most “overpowered” gun for Hardcore Royale, and using it should give you a huge advantage over your enemies.

Sentinel Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
There are no helmets in the Hardcore battle royale LTM.

What’s the best gun to use in Hardcore Royale LTM?

Despite players having white shields, no weapon in Apex Legends can one-shot to the body in Hardcore Royale, not even the Kraber.

However, there are a few that can instantly kill an opponent with a headshot. According to Gaming Merchant, the strongest of these guns is the “overpowered” Sentinel.

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Without even being charged with Shield Cells, the sniper deals 176 to the head, making it an easy one-shot.

While the rifle is built for long-range, it can be potent at close quarters if you’re always accurate enough to hit the target.

Ultimately, Hardcore Royale will test players’ accuracy and ability to reposition correctly. There is very little room for error with the TTK being significantly faster in this LTM.

Gaming Merchant rounds off by revealing that the Wingman, Longbow, and the large range of LMGs in the arsenal will also be top-tier.

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So, when you decide to drop into Hardcore Royale, consider testing out the Sentinel to give yourself a big advantage over the competition.

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