Best legends to use in Apex Legends Shadowfall

Respawn Entertainment launched Apex Legend’s Halloween-themed event Fight or Fright with the Shadowfall LTM, but who is the best legend to use if you want to win? Here’s what you need to know. 

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The Shadowfall limited-time mode has been live in Apex Legends since October 15, letting fans test their hand at a new type of fight inside Kings Canyon. 

In Shadowfall, players are tasked with surviving until the end before attempting to leave the spooky Kings Canyon setting. If you die before the all-important top-10 is settled, you will become a Shadow Legend, and will have to hunt down any normal players. That may be a part of the fun, but there’s no better feeling than winning – especially considering how tough some have found the mode.

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So, with that in mind, here are the legends you should be using if you want to win at Shadowfall. 

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Fight or Fright is Apex’s way of celebrating Halloween.


The most obvious answer of the bunch is Pathfinder because the robot legend has a zipline that increases a player’s mobility tenfold. Of course, the Shadow Legends have increased mobility themselves but they won’t keep pace with the legend until the late game.

At that point, though, Pathfinder’s zipline can be used to create an easy path to the Evac Ship that every survivor can use. 

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Before you hit the late game, however, Pathfinder is best used to be on the offensive. Use that zipline to get around humans, or even use it to do damage. Just make sure you’re not cowering in a corner. 

Respawn EntertainmentShadowfall lobbies will be full of Pathfinder players.
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Similarly to Pathfinder, Wraith is another solid choice thanks to her speed and increased mobility ultimate that can benefit the whole lobby, not just herself. She can, of course, also become invulnerable and that works in Shadowfall too.

The Interdimensional Skirmisher is a much-used legend in the normal battle royale game type, but also an increasingly popular one in Shadowfall. She should be a top choice for anyone who wants to win, and win while on the front foot. 

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Respawn EntertainmentWraith is a top choice in Apex Legends Shadowfall.
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Mirage may not have the brilliant mobility skills of Pathfinder or Wraith, but the bamboozling legend has an ace, or aces, up his sleeve too. 

Like the others, his superiority in the mode revolves around his ultimate. The decoys will confuse shadow legends and should they commit to one, you could find yourself heading for an easy escape.

Yet, if they don’t, Mirage can be easily gobbled up and end up on the other side. That’s why he’s best used in an opportunistic playstyle. Don’t overly push for kills but don’t sit in a corner either, that is Mirage’s key to success.

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Respawn EntertainmentMirage, Captain Bamboozle himself, is a top choice for Shadowfall.
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So, there you have it, the three best legends to use in the Shadowfall LTM. They won’t guarantee success, as that’s pretty hard to do, but they’ll put you in better standing than the others. 

Use them and follow our tips and tricks guide for the mode and you’ll have a better chance than most players.