Apex Legends Ash mains double-down on buff demands

Ash Apex Legends Season 15Respawn Entertainment

Despite only being added in Apex Legends Season 11, Ash mains feel like they’ve been left behind and are doubling down on their pleas for a buff to the Incisive Instigator.

Ash was the 19th entry to the Apex Legends roster when she debuted in November 2021 alongside the Storm Point map.

While she saw a decent amount of play in the early days following release, she’s never quite been a dominant add-on to the roster.

There has already been one wave of players calling for a buff to their favorite aggressive simulacrum this year and it looks like that trend has returned yet again in Season 15.

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Ash mains plead for buff to Tactical ability in Season 15

The renewed push for a buff mostly built up around a concept for her Tactical ability, which is what many consider to be the weakest part of her kit.

This new design would see her signature snare not only do some more damage but also neutralize enemies and stop them from using their abilities if they’re caught inside.

While not everyone could agree that this was the right way to go around a potential buff, it was unanimous that something needs to change if she’s ever going to be viable in the future.

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“The simplest buff would be to make it move faster and deploy faster,” one fan noted. “Anyone can see that thing coming a mile away.”

There haven’t been many Legend buffs or nerfs to speak of in Season 15 but it’s apparent that fans are more than ready for Ash to get pulled out of her relative obscurity thanks to a 3.1% pick rate.

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