Apex Legends anti-cheat apparently banning players for no reason due to bug

Sam Comrie
Apex Legends Bangalore

Apex Legends players are encountering an infuriating Anti-Cheat bug, which is causing many of them to be banned in the process.

While Apex Legends boasts some of the best gameplay in the battle royal genre, it unfortunately is still prone to some glaring issues. Glitches and game-breaking exploits are always cropping up, but the last place issues should appear is within the game’s anti-cheat system.

Despite the developers using Easy Anti-Cheat to aid the player experience, many have found themselves banned due to an unusual bug surrounding the anti-cheat software.

Apex Legends players demand urgent Anti-Cheat fixes

Several frustrated players have reached out to the Apex Legends Reddit community, in hopes of determining why the game’s Anti-Cheat is mass banning players.

Redditor Cauliflowwer is among the outcries, as they claimed “Easy Anti-Cheat gives false positives when handing out bans. The appeal process for getting banned by easy anti-cheat doesn’t exist and this needs to be fixed.”

The issue stems to a bug where Easy Anti-Cheat reacts to internet drops incorrectly, as it eventually times off and flags the players account: “My friend has nearly 1,600 hours played… Her internet dropped causing easy anti-cheat to time out, boom. Perma-banned,” added the Redditor.

Other players, like BallisticWolfey, have shared their experiences too: “I got kicked in the middle of the match with an error saying ‘The client failed an anti-cheat runtime integrity check: connection timed out.'”

The player clarified that they “closed the game and restarted my computer, game loaded just fine, then bam It banned me. I’ve tried to call them, I’ve made an appeal, no response at all.”

Meanwhile, other players have tried to appeal their ban from the game, though they have faced hurdles in getting things solved.

Respawn Entertainment have yet to comment on the matter as complaints grow in volume.

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