Apex Legends fans want Xbox top-ranked player banned after boosting


Apex Legends players exposed the tenth-ranked Xbox player for boosting and demand the developers take action by banning them.

In early January, Chris Bruzzo, EA Chief Officer, claimed banning cheaters is at the top of the Apex team’s priority list. Bruzzo spoke about cheating being an especially worrying issue for competitive games, assuring fans of changes coming soon.

On January 17, Respawn unveiled a new skill-based system to ” rapidly improve” match quality. The new system puts players in an even match rather than just a general skill bracket. Three days later, the developers issued another statement, running a test on smurf detection and matchmaking on true skill.

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Despite efforts to cut down on boosting and smurfing, cheaters are still finding ways to slip through the cracks. Apex Legends players demand punishment for cheaters earning underserved ranks.

Apex Legends players expose top ranked cheater

Apex Legends boosters caughtRespawn Entertainment
Boosting is a massive issue in Apex Legends, especially at the higher tiers of Ranked.

Boosting has been an issue in Apex Legends for a long time, and the issue is hard to crack down on. Players intentionally lose or allow themselves to be killed so another user can climb the ranks and gain RP.

An Apex Legends player revealed footage of a group of nine cheaters boosting, including the tenth-ranked Xbox Predator Tier member.

One player responded, “imagine being so talentless you have to cheat in an online video game.”

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A second user offered a solution by suggesting, “I’ve said it before, and ill say it again, remove mobile respawn from the crafter rotation, pretty much solves the problem, people will still attempt it, but without a consistent way to get mobile respawn beacons it won’t be effective.”

The mobile respawn beacon allows players to revive teammates on them, making it easier for teams to boost with each other.

Community members couldn’t wrap their heads around players wanting to boost. A third commenter asked, “Do people actually find this fun? If I were to do this, sure, I’d be one of the highest-ranked players in the world, but my conscience would be able to accept it because it wasn’t legit.”

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Apex Legends players hope the developers continue to make strides in cutting down on the game’s boosting problem.