What is Gun Run in Apex Legends? New LTM with Gun Game twist

Ryan Lemay
Apex Legends Beast of Prey Collection Event

Apex Legend’s Beat of Prey Collection Event begins on September 20, adding the new Gun Run LTM. Here’s everything you need to know about Apex’s take on Gun Game.

Apex Legends Season 14 doesn’t end until November 1, but players are already looking forward to Season 15 and a potential new map.

The new event adds Loba’s Garra de Alanza fan Heirloom and a variety of new cosmetics. One of the more intriguing additions is the Gun Run LTM.

Players have eagerly been waiting for a new map since 2021. Respawns’ new Beast of Prey Collection Event should help bridge the gap for impatient fans.

How Gun Run works in Apex Legends

Gun Run LTM Apex Legends
The Beast of Prey Collection Event is adding a brand new LTM.

Gun Run pits your team against three other squads in a race similar to the classic FPS game mode Gun Game.

Each time you get a kill with a weapon, you advance to the next weapon in a race to complete the weapon track. The final weapon is a new throwing knife.

An interesting wrinkle is killing enemies propels you over teammates and awards the next highest weapon on the track. Each team member won’t have to play with all 25 weapons.

Infinite ammo, health items, and automatic respawns streamline the experience.

Gun Run is playable on Skulltown and Fragment East (World’s Edge) maps.

When is gun Run coming to Apex Legends?

apex legends respawn header
Gun Run ends on October 4.

As mentioned above, Gun Run will arrive with the Beast of Prey Collection event on September 20 and will be removed from Apex on October 4.

As it’s only in the pool for two weeks, ensure you make the most out of the LTM, as it’s hard to know when it will return.

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