Apex Legends: 10 brilliant limited time mode ideas we want to see added

Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends players have created a list of some of their most popular ideas for limited time game modes that could be added to the game.

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Since Apex Legends release on February 4, there has been a heavy focus on pushing the main game mode which sees teams of 3 players fighting their way to the final ring and looking to become the champions.

Although the game has seen a massively successful launch, many fans of are looking for new ways to play the game, and so have devised their own ideas for limited time game modes that could be added.

Respawn Entertainment.Many fans are also calling for Solo and Duo modes to be added to Apex Legends.
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The list includes ten incredible ideas that Respawn Entertainment could potentially implement as Apex Legends LTM game modes in future.

Some of the more popular Limited Time Modes that were suggested among fans included ideas such as:

  • One weapon only – Every player in the lobby spawns in with the same weapon that is randomly selected by the server, e.g. Mozambique only
  • Scorched land – Where the ring kills players instantly, forcing players to fight for control of the safe zone.
  • Execution only – Where downed enemies can only be killed by execution finishers.

Many more ideas for potential Apex Legends LTM’s can be found in the list below.

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It is unlikely that Respawn will implement many of these ideas, but fans are desperately hoping for a new experiences, such as these LTM’s to be featured in Apex legends.

There have also been many calls by fans of the game for Respawn to add Solo and Duo game modes to Apex Legends’s playlist, although there hasn’t been much sign of them being added any time soon.

Respawn EntertainmentPlaying as a team is central to Apex Legends’ gameplay philosophy.

The second season of Apex Legends is right around the corner, expected in mid-June, and the developers have confirmed that more ways to play are coming.

However, they remain very tight-lipped about what these potential modes could be, and while a solo mode may seem like an obvious choice, the game was designed from the ground up as a team game.

Some of the ideas provided by fans give some great possibilities for even more team-focused gameplay, which the development team could take some inspiration from.