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Apex Legends: World record for Trio kills on PC finally broken

Published: 25/May/2019 11:09 Updated: 25/May/2019 11:17

by Connor Bennett


The world record for most kills by a Trio in Apex Legends on PC has been broken with one team racking up an eye-watering 48 eliminations.

Since the release of Apex Legends back on February 4, players across the world have been hard at work trying to secure bragging rights through a number of world records in Respawn Entertainment’s title. 

Some players made that test incredibly hard by taking on a session of trios all by themselves. That record stands at 36 and is held by Mendokusaii. Yet, the challenge gets a little easier when a full squad is taking on the lobby and can spread the kills equally.

Respawn EntertainmentApex Legends has a wide variety of legends but not every character gets used.

That happened on May 24, as Reddit user nOOkexe posted their claim to the throne with a 48 kill game.

While the squad didn’t have any particular highlight plays to show off, they at least captured their winning screen that backed up how many kills they had. It was a fairly even split between the trio – with Gnaske_Lone_TTV racking up 14 kills, ya_em_detei_lol picking up 16 and nOOOK leading the way with 18.

All in all, the 48 kills surpasses the former world record of 46 held by tevDesertuk, Fyzu, and Wrugb – which had stood since the end of March.

World Record Game 48 Squad Kills from r/apexlegends

After picking up the new record, compliments immediately flooded in from the Apex Legends subreddit for the trio. One user posted: “People don’t appreciate the high kills like this in Apex theres only 60 PEOPLE! these guys cleared 80% of the lobby on a smaller map than other BRs and faster pace than other BRs. G fucking G guys.”

However, not everyone was happy to see that they’d broken the world record. One Redditor, going under the username ChocolateMorsels, commented: “They let people respawn and farm them so…meh. If they didn’t do that here then awesome but I’m assuming they did.”

Regardless of how the record was achieved, the trio clearly broke the long-standing number and did while streaming live on Twitch to an audience of viewers.

It remains to be seen just how long their record will stand for but considering just how hard it may be to break the pretty lofty number, it’s going to take something special to knock them off the top.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends leaks hints at vehicles coming in Season 7

Published: 23/Oct/2020 14:36 Updated: 23/Oct/2020 15:00

by Jacob Hale


Some new leaked animations in Apex Legends are potentially hinting at vehicles coming to the popular battle royale title in Season 7.

As far as battle royale games go, Apex Legends is one of the last that doesn’t offer players vehicles for faster rotation and to hit different areas of the map quicker. The likes of Warzone and Fortnite have had vehicles for mobility for a long time at this point, while Apex players haven’t had that opportunity.

That said, always looking for ways to offer fans something fresh and exciting in the game, the Apex devs appear to be following suit, if recent leaks are anything to go by.

On top of a weapon charm, some new animations definitely look to prove that we’re getting vehicles sooner rather than later.

As shared by renowned dataminer Shrugtal on Twitter, the Ride Share charm has two passenger seats alongside the driver’s seat, and it’s a hover vehicle.

That’s not all, though: he found some new animations that all but confirm the existence of vehicles in the Apex Games.

As you can see in this tweet below, there are animations in the 6.1 patch for a driver and passenger hovering while seated — perfectly fitting for a Hover Vehicle.

As many people have pointed out, the current Apex Legends maps, World’s Edge and Kings Canyon, are a fair share smaller than maps in other battle royale titles, so vehicles may not be as fitting in the game as they are in others. One common theory is that the vehicles may be on rails, similar to the train, rather than being drivable for players to freely traverse the map.

However, the new Olympus map has been speculated about for months now, so it is absolutely possible that they come into the game purely for that — also suggesting that Olympus will be the game’s biggest map yet.

Right now, we can’t confirm for absolute certainty that this means vehicles will be coming to the game, and we should never take leaks as gospel, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see this happen. The big question is how it all plays out.