Apex Legends 1.58 update fixes broken Bloodhound tactical: Patch notes

Alan Bernal
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Respawn have released a new hotfix in Apex Legends that has addressed an issue with Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather tactical ability along with errors relating to Explosive Holds, among others.

Apex Legends has been bustling since the Season 8: Mayhem update added a new look to the beloved Kings Canyon map, along with new Legends, Fuse. But since the patch, Respawn’s studio has been keeping an eye on their game for any problems that may arise.

One such problem was a problem with Bloodhound, whose scan ability wasn’t picking up the targets that it was meant to, and it’s been causing problems for players for a while now.

Bloodhound scan fix

bloodhound apex legends
Respawn targeted the bug with Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather tactical in the new patch.

The scan has been messing up a lot of Bloodhound players that are relying on its intel. From casual to ALGS games, the Eye of the Allfather tactical bug has been cropping up at the worst time for teams.

Evidently, if two different Bloodhounds used their scan, the players that one Eye of the Allfather registered would go undetected by any other one. Obviously, this would present a problem for games that have teams more tightly fitted in a fight, which has been happening in-game.

Hopefully, however, this new patch has straightened out this problem to give the Recon Legend some much-needed help in the Apex Games.

Explosive holds on Kings Canyon

apex legends season 8 explosive holds
Respawn addressed problems with Apex’s explosive holds on Kings Canyon.

The high loot holds have been causing people some problems in Apex Legends. While people have slowly learned that you don’t need to run from the blast when opening the hold, you can, however, get a little stuck on the doorstep.

There have been clips of people struggling with the explosive holds in more than a few ways, and the devs are looking to step in to resolve the issues. It’s unclear what exactly they fixed, but players and developers alike will keep a close eye for any recurring problems in the game.

Apex Legends February 10 update patch notes

  • Players not being scanned by Bloodhound’s tactical if already scanned by a different Bloodhound’s tactical
  • Errors related to explosive holds on Kings Canyon
  • Various stability fixes
  • Re-enabled some dialogue that was wrongly disabled

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