Apex Legend players want Nemesis AR “nerfed to the ground” as it’s so OP

Connor Bennett
Nemesis AR being held high in Apex legends

Apex Legends players have called upon Respawn to nerf the Nemesis AR as they believe it is far too overpowered right now. 

Over the years, Apex Legends has gone through a few metas that players aren’t going to forget anytime soon. Just think back to the R400 meta – where players rocked the R301 and R99 together – as well as the broken Flatline on Kings Canyon and you’ll quickly be having nightmares. 

Respawn have, naturally, tried to rectify things whenever a meta has gotten out of hand. In recent seasons, they’ve clamped down on the Charge Rifle, tweaked the Eva-8, and reigned in LMGs like the Spitfire and Devotion. 

However, in Season 17, players have grown sick and tired of the Nemesis AR, claiming it has joined the list of previous meta that saw them turn away from the battle royale for a bit. 

Apex Legends players call for “broken” Nemesis AR to be nerfed

A number of players have called for Respawn to put the assault rifle under the microscope and start to dish out some nerfs as it is simply too “broken” right now.

“Nemesis needs to be nerfed to the ground asap,” stated Redditor MANUU__20. “This gun pretty much REQUIRES you to use it. It’s that broken.”

Others chimed in with similar concerns. “Nemesis is better than the care package hemlock as far as I’m concerned. It feels so broken when I use it,” said one. “I’m surprised they haven’t nerfed it yet. Not even a single change at all,” added another.

“I refuse to use the gun. Almost everyone I play with doesn’t use it because it’s just so cheesy,” another commented. 

Some players suggested that Respawn could tweak the charge up time with an attachment to give it a nerf, so just bring the damage values down by small touch. 

With Season 18 on the horizon, others want to see the Nemesis make its way into the care package, but we’ll have to wait and see what the devs do.

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