Albralelie explains why he’s finally planning switch to controller in Apex Legends

Connor Bennett
Albralelie at Apex legends LAN in black TSm shirt

Apex Legends star Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith is considering finally giving in and swapping over to controller, saying that there is ‘no reason’ for anyone to stick to mouse and keyboard in competitive play. 

The debate between using a controller and mouse and keyboard has raged on in games for many years, but when it comes to Apex Legends, things have gotten increasingly fiery over the last few months. 

Many of the top pros – including TSM’s ImperialHal, who won the Stage 1 playoffs and claimed MVP honors – have switched to controller because of the aim assist benefits they get from it. Some critics have likened the aim assist to a “soft aimbot,” whereas controller players have criticized just how much of an advantage KB/M players have when it comes to movement. 

There have been a number of notable holdouts among popular players, however, Albralelie is planning to finally make the switch to controller as he believes there is ‘no reason’ to stick to mouse and keyboard.

Albralelie planning to finally switch to controller for Apex Legends

The former longtime TSM pro, who now represents the orgless ‘LANimals’ squad, addressed the potential switch to ‘the dark side’ on his May 14 stream, noting that it’s too tough for mouse and keyboard players right now. 

“I just don’t see a point to stay on MNK because it feels like everybody I fight is on ‘roller, so I’m at a natural disadvantage anytime I peak into anybody,” he said. “I just don’t see a point. Movement just doesn’t matter in comp. It just straight up doesn’t matter.”

Albralelie noted that he “should” make the switch if he’s focusing on competitive play as it’s “more consistent” but if he competed outside of Apex, he would using mouse and keyboard. Though, it’s “unlikely” he’d compete in anything other than Apex. 

He even echoed those sentiments on Twitter, as he tweeted: “Can’t think of a reason as a competitor to stay on MnK. For casual play MnK is fine, but to compete? Idk man, I think roller is just better in every way if you’re capable of playing it. Probably gonna hang up the keys and swap in this 2-month off-season we’ve got.”

It remains to be seen if there will be a further exodus to controller, but for now, it looks like mouse and keyboard is losing one of the last big holdouts.