Apex Legends pro Snip3down argues MnK is just as strong as controller in ALGS

Alex Garton
Snip3down Apex Legends MnK controllerRespawn Entertainment/Twitch: Snip3down

Apex Legends pro player Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona has argued that controller doesn’t dominate the ALGS and that Mouse and Keyboard still has its place.

Since the release of Apex Legends, there’s been a debate about whether MnK or controller is better at the top level of play.

While MnK can pull off insane movement mechanics, controller players have access to aim assist making it easier to land shots, especially at close-range. This accuracy increase has pushed a lot of pros to make the switch to controller.

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One of which is TSM’s Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen who has been extremely vocal about how OP he believes aim assist can be, pulling off countless highlight reel plays and even winning the recent ALGS finals on controller.

Well, FaZe’s Snip3down has weighed in on the controller debate, arguing that based on stats from the recent ALGS finals, it’s clear MnK still has its place in the Apex pro scene.

Apex Legends Lifeline skinRespawn Entertainment
TSM pro players ImperialHal has argued aim assist makes controller significantly better than MnK,

Snip3down argues controller doesn’t dominate MnK in ALGS

Taking to Twitter on February 7, Snip3down argued that the recent ALGS finals are proof that MnK still has a place in the pro scene and the lack of faith in the peripheral is just a “confidence issue at this point”.

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This comes as a reaction to the constant calls for aim assist nerfs over the last few months, with certain pros even going as far as to say that MnK is not worth using over controller.

Snip3down’s argument rests on the stats from the London LAN, which showed that seven of the top 10 kill leaders were using a keyboard and mouse.

Not only that, the top three spots on the list are all taken up by MnK players. It’s only ImperialHal in fourth who is the first controller user on the list, with Kiloposz, sweet, and YukaF all above him.

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For Snip3down, “controller is strong” for running at people in Ranked games but for the ALGS it’s a “different story and people are mentally psyching themselves out”.

It’s clear he thinks MnK still has a place on the pro stage and for now, the peripheral is still performing well in the hands of talented players.

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