Aceu urges Apex Legends devs to remove “braindead” tap-strafing

Aceu Wraith tap-strafingRespawn Entertainment/Aceu

Popular Apex Legends streamer Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn thinks “braindead” tap-strafing should be removed as it makes movement too “easy”.

Movement is a sacred aspect of Apex Legends and one of the most beloved elements of Respawn’s battle royale.

Not only is sliding and running around the Outlands fun, but the game includes advanced mechanics that players can learn to enhance their mobility skills.

One of which is tap-strafing, a technique that allows you to pull off sharper movements and harder turns, making you significantly harder to shoot.

While Respawn announced their plans to remove tap-strafing back in September of 2021, they quickly reversed their decision. Well, according to aceu, the devs need to reconsider the choice and take the”braindead” mechanic out of the game.

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Tap-strafing Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Tap-strafing is an advanced movement mechanic in Apex Legends.

Aceu explains why tap-strafing should be removed from Apex

During a recent stream, aceu decided to share his “hot take” that tap-strafing needs to be removed from Apex Legends.

According to him, the “braindead” technique makes movement too “easy” and it was a lot better before players started using the mechanic.

As aceu is such a talented player who utilizes tap-strafing to outplay opponents, it’s surprising to see him calling for it to be patched out.

However, with the severe backlash Respawn received by considering its removal back in 2021, it seems unlikely they’d decide to take the risk again.

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On top of tap-strafing, aceu also revealed that he believes recoil smoothing should be removed from Apex. This is a trick that involves walking sideways while aiming which significantly reduces the kickback on a weapon, making it easy to land shots.

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Overall, it’s obvious aceu feels as if the game is becoming too easy and the skill is being diluted by these advanced mechanics. However, it’s safe to say a lot of players would disagree and enjoy incorporating them into their gameplay.