Aceu jokes about going pro in Apex Legends to bring back self-res

Aceu Ranked tips Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment/Twitch: aceu

Former Apex Legends pro player Aceu retired in 2020; however, he jokingly considered coming back to fight for self revives.

Aceu consistently tops the charts as one of the most-watched Apex Legends Twitch streamers. Aceu dominated and finished top three in eight out of nine total events in his one-year Apex pro career.

It seems unlikely the streamer would return to the pro scene after establishing himself as a premier name. Still, he jokingly reconsidered if it meant bringing back self-revives in Apex.

Apex Legends character hiding with gold knockdown shieldRespawn/EA
The gold knockdown will be going through quite the facelift in Season 14.

Aceu demands self-revive revert

Respawn Entertainment controversially removed self-revives with Gold Knockdown in Season 14. Numerous Apex pros and streamers initially called for Gold Knockdown Shields removal for being overpowered.

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Gold Knockdown Shields blocked 750 damage for downed players and had a self-revive passive ability. Shields deploy once a player is down, making it an arduous task for players to eliminate someone with the legendary equipment item.

Players believed the equipment gave players an unfair advantage and didn’t belong in a competitive game mode.

The developers listened to the community feedback and removed it from the game. Aceu mocked the decision by saying, “They got rid of self-res because the pro players were complaining.”

Aceu’s duo partner asked him to go pro and complain until they added self-revives back.

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Receptive to the idea, the streamer responded, “I should go pro and make them bring back self-res and then be the champion of the people.”

Although highly unlikely, it would be hilarious if Aceu went pro again just to bring back self-revives and then re-enter retirement.