Aceu breaks down all characters that need buffs & nerfs in Apex Legends

Apex Legends AceuRespawn Entertainment/Aceu

Apex Legends streamer Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn has revealed all the characters on the roster that he thinks need buffs & nerfs.

Characters buffs and nerfs in Apex Legends have always been a heavily debated topic within the community, with players constantly making suggestions to the devs on what changes to make.

While Respawn does listen to the feedback, it’s very rare that they make drastic changes to a Legend’s kit without careful consideration and a lot of planning.

This doesn’t stop players and streamers from voicing their opinions on the matter though, and popular Apex personality aceu took the time to do exactly that on Twitch.

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Going through every single Legend on the roster, aceu outlined which characters need reworks, buffs, and nerfs.

Lifeline Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Season 13 went live on May 10.

Aceu reveals which Legends need buffs & nerfs

Aceu starts off by calling for a Bloodhound nerf, a Gibraltar nerf, a Caustic nerf, a Mirage buff, and of course, a Lifeline rework.

All of these requests align with a lot of the opinions shared by the community, especially major changes for the Combat Medic which Respawn has revealed will not be coming in Season 13.

His opinion on Bangalore and Wattson is definitely different from a lot of Apex players though, with aceu calling for the Professional Soldier to receive no changes and revealing that he thinks the Static Defender is in a “good spot”.

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Next, he shared that he thinks Loba’s Tactical needs a buff, Rampart’s Ultimate needs a nerf after the Saviors buff, and that Revenant needs to be removed from the game.

Speaking on Crypto and Horizon, he believes both Legends are in a good spot and do not need any changes.

When it comes to Valkyrie and Fuse, aceu thinks the Winged Avenger needs a “hard nerf” and that the Explosive Enthusiast needs a completely new Ultimate as his current Motherlode ability is “trash”.

Moving onto Seer, aceu believes the Ambush Artist is a “little strong” thanks to his “ridiculous” Passive, but he doesn’t think any major changes need to be implemented.

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Aceu is a little confused about Mad Maggie’s character as a whole, revealing that he still doesn’t know how she’s ever useful and why Respawn designed her kit the way they did.

Finally, he rounds off his analysis by calling for an Ash Ultimate buff to make it more “intuitive” and declaring that he thinks Newcastle is in a good spot.

Although aceu’s opinion on buffs & nerfs does not indicate what decisions the devs are going to make in the future, it’s always interesting to hear what streamers think of the current meta and the power of each of the Legends.

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With a new Collection Event for Season 13 no doubt in the works for Respawn, we’ll have to wait and see what balance changes they decide to implement and whether any aceu’s requests arrive in-game.