Apex Legends dev confirms Lifeline will not be changed in Season 13

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Despite calls from the community for a Lifeline buff in Season 13, the devs have confirmed that the Combat Medic will not be receiving any changes in Saviors.

Ever since the removal of her res-shield back in Season 9, Apex Legends players have been calling on Respawn to buff Lifeline and make changes to her care package Ultimate.

These shouts from the community have only grown louder in the lead-up to Season 13 with the reveal of Newcastle, the latest arrival in the Outlands who can deploy his own version of the res-shield and drag downed teammates to safety.

While excitement for the new Legend is high, Lifeline players are disappointed with her kit and feel as if a lot of her abilities are becoming outdated and less useful.

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Developers addressed this concern about the current state of the Combat Medic in a QnA ahead of the Saviors update, but it’s not the news Lifeline players will be hoping for – at least not right now.

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Season 13 is set to arrive on May 10.

Lifeline will not be getting changed in Season 13

When asked whether the Combat Medic would be receiving any buffs or changes in Saviors during the dev QnA, Senior Game Designer Devan McGuire revealed that “no Lifeline changes are coming in Season 13.”

Although the devs have been evaluating her kit, and will continue do so, they do not consider Lifeline a priority as her pick rate is still relatively high heading into the new season.

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McGuire also addressed the comparison between Lifeline and Newcastle, expressing that they fulfill very different roles due to the Combat Medic’s ability to heal and revive two teammates simultaneously.

However, with Newcastle’s Passive shield showing a clear resemblance to Lifeline’s old Passive, it’s obvious a lot of players feel as if Apex’s healer is being replaced by a stronger Legend.

Respawn Entertainment
Lifeline is one of the OG Apex Legends.

While Respawn has no plans to change Lifeline in the near future, the devs made it very clear they’re constantly assessing the meta and state of all the Legends on the roster.

However, with Lifeline players unhappy with her current Ultimate and Passive, the calls for changes are likely to continue long into Season 13.

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If her pick rate drops significantly, or the demand from players becomes even stronger, we might see Respawn make some changes later in the season, or for Season 14.