10 best Bangalore skins in Apex Legends

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Best bangalore skins apex
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One of Apex’s original eight Legends, Bangalore has over three years of great outfits to choose from if you’re playing as her. But, which skin should you opt for? We’ve listed our top 10 Bangalore skins that look perfect on the IMC’s finest.

Bangalore might not be the most popular Legend in the game, but despite her kit staying almost exactly the same ever since launch, she has a loyal following of dedicated players who know exactly how to utilize her abilities.

For a while, fans weren’t very impressed with Bangalore’s skins, often feeling that they didn’t suit her character very well, but things have certainly improved in more recent seasons.

These are our recommendations for the best-looking skins you can drop, shock and rock with Bangalore.

Top 10 best skins for Bangalore

Note: Not all of these skins are available to craft or buy in the store at the moment and some were part of limited-time events from the past. 

10. Valor (Rare)

bangalore valor skin

This skin is only a rare, but it’s definitely one of the best rare skins for any Legend. Available in the Season 2 Battle Pass, this chainmail skin could have easily been an epic and we wouldn’t have been surprised.

9. MIL-SPEC (Legendary)

MIL-SPEC Bangalore skin

The MIL-SPEC takes Bangalore back to her roots as a soldier, and while the skin itself uses fairly plain colors, it has the added advantage of its own unique select animation. It was available in the store for 1800 AC.

8. Super Soldier (Legendary)

Super Soldier bangalore

The Super Soldier skin was available as part of the Bangalore Edition pack, which will soon only be available to EA Play members.

7. Killing Machine (Legendary)

killing machine bangalore

This one is definitely a ‘love it or hate it’ skin, depending on whether you’re a fan of the colors. If you like to go bold though, then this classic from the System Override event could be for you. In the event, it cost 1800 AC or 2400 metals.

6. Violet Veteran (Legendary)

Violet Veteran bangalore

Added for the three-year anniversary, this purple ensemble is the perfect match for Loba and Valkyrie’s skins of the same type – if you like to play in a trio like this. On its own though, this is the closest we have to a cyborg skin for Bangalore, for 1800 AC or 2400 Crafting Metals.

5. Full Metal Jacket (Legendary)

Full Metal jacket bangalore skin

Another skin that definitely fits with Bangalore’s character is Full Metal Jacket. This is actually a recolor of her ‘Spacewalker’ Skin, and so is only available with Legend tokens, if it returns to the store.

4. Radical Action (Legendary)

Radical Action bangalore

Radical Action was celebrated among Bangalore fans for finally giving her a unique hairstyle – that wasn’t the infamous ‘Karen’ look she’d been given with other skins. This is definitely one of the very best Bangalore looks.

3. Crimson Queen (Legendary)

Crimson Queen bangalore skin

Released for Apex Legends’ second-anniversary (1800 AC or 1200 Metals), this was the perfect skin to celebrate two years of Bangalore. It’s now the go-to skin for many of the best Bangalore players out there and will fit perfectly alongside any predator badges you might have.

2. Viceroy (Legendary)

Viceroy Bangalore

Arguably Bangalore’s most-stylish skin, Viceroy was released for the Grand Soirée event for 1800 AC or 1200 metals, and returned in the September Soirée. If you haven’t got this one in your collection, hopefully it will return again.

1. Outland Warrior (Legendary)

Outland Warrior

There really couldn’t be any other skin at the number one spot for Bangalore. The original gold version of the Crimson Queen was released in the Legendary Hunt event for 1800 AC, and perfectly captures Bang’s fighting spirit and style.

Those are our top picks for Bangalore’s best skins in Apex Legends. If Bang isn’t your go-to character though, check out the best skins for Loba, Mirage, Fuse, or Caustic.

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