Dragon Ball Daima announced with first official trailer

Aparna Ukil
A still from Dragon Ball DaimaToei Animation

Dragon Ball Daima was announced recently at New York Comic Con, a piece of exciting news for the community, especially for Dragon Ball GT fans.

Dragon Ball is one of the most prominent franchises that’s been running for several decades, encompassing several anime series like Dragon Ball, DBZ, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super. The franchise has also given us multiple movies, including Dragon Ball Super Broly and DBS: Super Hero.

Akira Toriyama initially decided to end the manga series with DBZ, but the popularity of the franchise motivated the mangaka to return with DBS, which is currently ongoing.

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Between DBZ and DBS, we got a popular untold story titled Dragon Ball GT; however, after Toriyama’s return, GT was announced as a non-canon story, which disappointed many fans. Fortunately, the upcoming series comes as good news for fans who want more of GT.

Toei Animation announces Dragon Ball Daima at NYCC

On Thursday, October 12, 2023, Toei Animation announced Dragon Ball Daima anime, which will bless our screens in Fall 2024. The upcoming series will feature a narrative that has never been told in the Dragon Ball universe.

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Toei Animation revealed that DB Daima will pick up several elements from Dragon Ball GT. However, unlike GT, Daima is supervised by the legendary author Akira Toriyama. Also, Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, the animator who worked on Dragon Ball Z, is involved in the animation and character creation of the newly announced series.

The official announcement was accompanied by a mesmerizing trailer featuring iconic characters like Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Bulma, and others. However, this time, we will see these characters in a new avatar.

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The show will introduce a new character who will turn Goku and other main characters into kids through a wish from Shenron. After turning into kids, Goku and others travel through different universes to figure out a way to turn back into their normal selves.

We do not yet know how many episodes will be featured in Daima, and neither do we know anything about the exact release date. For now, it’s confirmed that the anime will premiere sometime in Fall 2024. So, hopefully, we will get more information about the episode count and the release date soon.

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