Hit anime show jumps into Netflix charts ahead of new movie

Anthony McGlynn
Spy x Family

Ahead of the upcoming film, Spy x Family has been making waves on Netflix. Subscribers have been checking out the thriller so much, it’s managed to climb into the streamer’s charts.

Since premiering in April 2022, Spy x Family has become one of the biggest anime shows on the go. It’s not hard to see why when you consider the premise: a spy masquerades as a family man to get close to a particularly tricky target, unwittingly settling down with a wife who’s an assassin and a daughter who has psychic powers.

But fun as that all sounds, what really makes Spy x Family one of the best anime is the gorgeous production from Wit Studio and CloverWorks, mixed with creator Tatsuya Endo’s strong sense of character drama and stakes. Spy x Family has a way of crawling under your skin, and pulling you to the edge of your seat.

That’s likely exactly what’s been happening to Netflix users, since Spy x Family Season 1 is in the Netflix Top 10 for Non-English TV Shows. At time of writing, the series is in sixth, behind Iron Reign, and ahead of Between Lands.

The show has only managed one week in the list so far, amassing 16,700,000 hours watched. It’s a few spots ahead of My Hero Academia, whose first season sits at ninth.

Such interest comes as Spy x Family Code: White, the property’s first anime movie, is about to land in theatres. It arrives April 26 in the US and UK. Check out our list of the best short anime for something to watch while you wait.

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