Original Japanese cast of One Piece anime set to voice Netflix’s live-action dub

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One Piece live-action adaptation of the anime

Netflix’s live-action take on the iconic Shonen anime One Piece is less than a month away. Not only is series creator Eiichiro Oda on board to help steer the series, but a recent announcement at Anime Expo 2023 also confirms more returning talent for the Japanese dub.

Originally reported by Deadline, the Japanese voice actress for Straw Hat Captain Monkey D. Luffy, Mayumi Tanaka, made a big announcement at this year’s Anime Expo in LA. In a video shown off at the expo, Tanaka revealed that she and her co-stars would reprise their role in the regional dub for the upcoming Netflix adaptation.

Tanaka also gave a warm welcome to Iñaki Godoy, the actor taking up the captain’s mantle in Netflix’s upcoming series. She also praised Godoy’s embodiment of everyone’s favorite Pirate King contender.

“I’ve been voicing Luffy for more than 23 years now, and I think everyone has a little bit of Luffy in their heart,” Tanaka said. “Iñaki, who performs Luffy in this live-action series, is so fun and joyful that he really makes a perfect Luffy! I’m very happy to be able to voice Luffy in this adaptation as well.”

One Piece cast
Original cast members have been united with the new live-action actors.

Putting their talents to work alongside Tanaka will be Kazuya Nakai, returning as the steely swordsman Roanoa Zoro. The fiery navigator Nami will also have her voice acting reprised by Akemi Okamura.

The chainsmoking master chef Sanji will be voiced by Hiroaki Hirata and Kappei Yamaguchi will return as the wise-cracking sniper of the crew Usopp.

These characters make up the earliest iteration of the Straw Hat crew though there’s been no word on later additions to the group. Most notably, the adorable Tony Tony Chopper, a character that may not make an appearance until later seasons, depending on the show’s success.

The inclusion of the original Japanese voice cast is sure to be welcome from longtime fans of the series but Tanaka expressed hopes that new fans would come along for the ride too.

One Piece anime
The Straw Hat Crew from the original Anime production are coming to life in the new Netflix series.

“One Piece is a story whose words and images can resonate with you in different ways depending on your situation or perspective at any given moment, allowing for new discoveries all the time,” Tanaka said.

“Nothing would bring me greater joy than if people who’ve never experienced One Piece can become part of the family beginning with this show.”

This live-action iteration of the series sets sail on Netflix on August 31. Interested readers can keep up to date with One Piece news right here at Dexerto.

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