One Piece: Eiichiro Oda revealed the biggest plot twist “by mistake”

Tulisha srivastava
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One Piece just revealed its biggest plot twist with Vegapunk’s message, but Eiichiro Oda accidentally revealed it some time ago. Spoilers ahead!

One Piece manga has just revealed Vegapunk’s message, and it’s unlike anything you would expect. Gorosei had no clue what Vegapunk would say, but they knew it wouldn’t be good for them, considering how much he knew.

Vegapunk has been working for the World Government for years and has even been researching the Void Century. Hence, it’s also certain that he knows about the ancient kingdom, something Gorosei would do anything to hide.

However, Vegapunk’s message starts with the world sinking. Most people don’t know, but in the Japanese version, Eiichiro Oda has already revealed the biggest One Piece plot twist we’ve seen so far.

Twitter user Pewpiece shares, “Did you know that Oda revealed that the world is sinking by mistake, and only Japanese people knew about it? Let me explain it to you. In the final version of One Piece Chapter 1085, Lilly’s message was edited, and some words were hidden because they contained spoilers that Oda didn’t want people to know about.

An early version was 沈みゆく世界に夜明けの旗を掲げ, which translated to ‘Raising the flag of dawn in a sinking world’. Which a lot of Japanese YouTubers knew about already and asked questions about, but sadly, we didn’t have a clue back then.”

They further add in a comment: “For example, Yuderon, the famous JP youtuber already talked about eight months ago and asked if the world is sinking into the sea? That’s why I would love to learn JP in this year.”

So yes, the implication behind “sinking world” is pretty much clear. One Piece will likely reveal more about Vegapunk’s message in the next chapter, which is delayed due to Golden Week.

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