Jujutsu Kaisen: How was Gojo sealed?

Gojo from Jujutsu KaisenCrunchyroll

Jujutsu Kaisen finally released the much-awaited Episode 9 of Season 2, which, sadly, featured our beloved Gojo getting sealed in the Prison Realm. Gojo is the strongest sorcerer in JJK, so every fan is wondering how Kenjaku managed to seal the “Honored One.”

Gojo is right now one of the most-talked-about anime characters in the community. That’s because both Jujutsu Kaisen manga and the anime are focusing on this character, and not in a good way.

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Without spoiling anything, let’s just say that Gojo isn’t having a good time in the manga series, and things aren’t that different in the anime series as well.

Kenjaku, Jogo, and other curses were holding back their heinous plans for the humans, and the sole reason for that was their fear of Gojo. But now, with Gojo gone, every fan wonders what fate will befall upon humans and other beloved characters. However, more than that, every fan wishes to know how exactly Gojo got sealed in the Prison Realm.

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How was Gojo sealed in the Prison Realm?

In the previous episode, we saw Jogo, Hanami, Mahito, and, of course, Geto, leading Gojo to the station. These curses know that Gojo is powerful enough to kill them without breaking a sweat. So, they trap countless humans inside the station, not because they think that Gojo will be in any way impacted by seeing the countless non-sorcerers die, but to prevent him from unleashing his Unlimited Void instead. On top of that, Mahito unleashes several transfigured humans on the station to distract Gojo.

These curses knew that if Gojo launched his Unlimited Void, it would be their end. So, they thought that if they surrounded Gojo with humans, he wouldn’t use this technique, as the minds of the humans wouldn’t be able to handle it. Gojo knew this as well, and he launched the Unlimited Void anyway, but only for 0.2 seconds. Staying in the Unlimited Void for 0.2 seconds was enough for Gojo to make the curses unconscious for several seconds, and within 299 seconds, Gojo killed around 1000 transfigured spirits.

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However, Gojo didn’t exactly win. As the sorcerer was breathing heavily after killing those spirits, he saw a cursed object lying in front of him: the Prison Realm.

At the start of the episode, Geto explained that Gojo needs to be within 4 meters of the Prison Realm for one minute. At the time, it seemed like a difficult task; however, Kenjaku later revealed that the “One minute” he’s talking about is Gojo’s brain time, not the real-world time.

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Gojo saw the Prison Realm, but he couldn’t stay out of its radius because, at the same time, Kenjaku appeared behind him. Kenjaku was wearing Geto’s body, and since for Gojo his beloved friend was dead, seeing Geto shook him to his core.

Gojo was obviously stunned after seeing Geto’s face after all these years, and by the time he realized that this wasn’t Geto, that one minute was over. In the end, Prison Realm got hold of Gojo. Then, he stopped sensing any Cursed energy and lost his strength to move his body. So, there was no way for Gojo to get out of this situation.

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