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Gamers mock PETA for bizarre vegan Animal Crossing guide

Published: 24/Mar/2020 20:14 Updated: 28/Mar/2020 17:51

by Michael Gwilliam


PETA shocked the world by venturing into video game guides with the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and it’s safe to say that the internet isn’t a fan of the organization’s efforts.

‘PETA’s Vegan Guide to Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ reminded players that fishing isn’t vegan, and if you don’t fish in real life, you shouldn’t do it in a game, either.


“Sure, unlike in real life, the fish in the game don’t feel pain, but fishing is harmful to animals and the planet,” the guide explained. “This is your island, and it’s your job to protect it.”

PETA doesn’t want you catching butterflies.

This isn’t limited to fish either; according to PETA, “just as fish don’t belong in tanks, insects don’t belong inside cramped cases in a museum for other villagers to gawk at.”


The guide went on to suggest players give their island an “animal-friendly name” to spread animal rights, and answered the age-old question: Is Tom Nook exploiting you? Yes, really.

Surely, right on schedule, the internet blasted PETA for their strange tips.

“I’m vegan and even donate to PETA & this is too much,” one Twitter user wrote. “I play Call of Duty, but don’t shoot people in real life. Fishing in a game is no different than that. Who thought of this?”


“I’m just gonna say that Animal Crossing does not need anyone’s political bullsh*t in it, not even yours,” another commented. “Animal Crossing is about living peacefully and having a good time, two things that even if they somehow aren’t true, you definitely represent in the eyes of the majority.”

“Finally! My main priority during this time of international pandemic where hundreds of thousands of people are dying was the ethics of animal treatment in this fake world where no feelings exist on either side of the screen!” a critic mocked.

This isn’t the first time PETA has been mocked for its take on video games either; In 2012, the organization released a Pokemon Black & White parody game called Pokemon Black & Blue. In the game, Pikachu fights to free his fellow Pokemon from their abusive trainers.


Whatever the case, it seems that PETA has officially jumped the shark – or is that somehow animal abuse, too?

Animal Crossing

The Simpsons intro gets epic recreation in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Published: 8/Aug/2020 1:00 Updated: 3/Sep/2020 14:22

by Brent Koepp


An Animal Crossing YouTuber went viral after re-creating The Simpsons’ iconic intro in New Horizons. The player’s incredible mashup is one of the best things you’ll see today.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons took the world by storm after making its debut in March. The latest release in the long-running franchise introduced new features such as the ability to shape your village however you see fit using terraforming.


The new mechanic has sparked the imaginations of millions of users on social media, and one creator went viral after using the tool to bring The Simpsons to the social-simulation title. Their re-imagination of the classic cartoon’s intro is the perfect crossover.

the simpsons logo animal crossing
YouTube: Great-Bit Arcade
A talented creator made The Simpsons intro in Animal Crossing.

The Simpsons re-imagined in Animal Crossing

The Simpsons made its debut in 1989, and has gone on to become a juggernaut in pop culture over the last three decades. In 2020, the animation is in its 31st season. To celebrate, a player re-created the show’s intro in New Horizons.


Gaming YouTuber ‘Great-Bit Arcade‘ uploaded their mind blowing creation to their channel on July 29, and quickly went viral. The video carefully re-creates the animation’s iconic intro, which follows the Simpson family throughout their town of Springfield.

The fan creatively used assets from Animal Crossing to create the town’s nuclear plant, before hilariously cutting to their character writing on a chalk board in school while wearing Bart Simpson’s signature outfit.

the simpsons animal crossing new horizons
YouTube: Great-Bit Arcade
Maggie and Marge Simpson are re-created in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Great-Bit’s video meticulously recreates every scene, from Maggie and Marge driving to Lisa playing her saxophone in school. The YouTuber even created a couch gag with the Simpson family walking in to find Tom Nook and Isabelle taking up all the space on their sofa.


Animal Crossing’s latest release has been a major success for Nintendo. In a quarterly report posted in August, it was revealed the social simulation title has sold over 22.4 million units – making it the second highest-selling game on the console.

New Horizons’ terraforming tool has encouraged players from around the world to share their creations on social media. Fans have reimagined things from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away to Avatar: The Last Airbender using the game’s new feature.