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xQc loses his mind during Animal Crossing fishing competition

Published: 23/Mar/2020 6:12 Updated: 28/Mar/2020 17:52

by Brad Norton


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel dipped his toes in the recently released Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch and after inviting viewers onto his island, the streamer was immediately blown away while hosting a fishing competition.

The first fully-fledged Animal Crossing release in eight years has captured the attention of gamers around the world, and some of the biggest streamers have started up their own islands for the very first time.

Sharing his experience with thousands of viewers, xQc decided to host a mini-fishing competition during a March 22 broadcast that saw the popular streamer completely lose his mind.

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Asking seven random viewers to stand their characters in a line, each player would present their most impressive fish one by one.

While a few rare sea creatures had xQc impressed, he was completely blown away as the fourth player pulled out one of the biggest fish in the entire game, an ocean sunfish.

“Holy sh*t,” he screamed at the top of his lungs. “What is that? What the f**k is this?”

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Not the only animal that absolutely stunned the streamer, xQc also lost his mind as the second last player in line revealed an enormous Oarfish that they’d managed to find just a few days into the game’s release.


“Oh my God. No, they’re cheating. No way,” he joked before asking the final player to reveal their most lucrative creature and being amazed once again.

The final competitor pulled out a ribbon eel and xQc was all but convinced that all of them were cheating. “Cheating Andy’s” he labeled them.

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Some of the rarest collectibles in the game, Animal Crossing boasts dozens of unique animal types to track down but these players are already way ahead of the curve.

Clearly xQc hasn’t quite been able to find any of those rare fish on his own island just yet, but after such an explosive reaction, it’s likely he spends every waking moment trying to catch some.