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Among Us

New Among Us update adds more roles than just Imposter & Crewmate

Published: 10/Nov/2021 4:22 Updated: 10/Nov/2021 4:30

by Brad Norton


The latest Among Us update has just changed the immensely popular game at its core with brand new roles now accessible — Scientist, Engineer, Guardian Angel, and Shapeshifter — alongside a range of fresh cosmetics.

Ever since Among Us took over the internet, just two roles have defined the simple title: Imposters and Crewmates. That’s how Among Us worked for its first three years on the market.

Moving forward, however, that’s no longer the case. Thanks to a November 9 update, Among Us now has more roles than ever before, providing new ways to play the game.

Not only that but a complete overhaul of the cosmetic system has now been deployed too. There’s plenty to wrap your head around so here’s a full rundown of the latest changes.


New Among Us roles explained

Rather than just adding one new role to shake things up, Among Us decided to drop four unique roles in the game all at once. The Scientist, Engineer, Guardian Angel, and Shapeshifter are now all available to use as you please.

The Scientist comes with a unique buff that allows you to access vitals at any time. This battery-powered tool needs to be recharged by completing tasks, however.

Next is the Engineer that can use vents whenever they happen to be nearby. Following that up is the Guardian Angel that can protect any remaining Crewmate from danger by casting a shield on them.


Last but not least is a new role for Imposters: The Shapeshifter can disguise themselves by appearing as any other Crewmate in the map.

New Among Us Cosmicubes system

Among Us cosmicube update
The new Cosmicube system in Among Us adds room for more cosmetics than ever before.

An entirely new cosmetic system was also packed into the November 9 Among Us update. Cosmicubes enter the game as new cosmetic items that can be unlocked with various forms of currency.

Beans, Stars, Pods, and XP are all earned along the way to completing a certain cosmicube. These offer new pathways to a wide range of visual items including all your favorite skins, visors, hats, and more.

Full Among Us November 9 patch notes

Controller changes

  • The Vent action is no longer attached to the main action button. In order to vent, press V on the keyboard, or Right Shoulder Button on controllers.
  • Sabotage is no longer attached to the main action button. In order to access the sabotage map, Impostors can simply open up their map, using the Tab key on keyboards or Left Trigger on controllers.
  • If you have a special role, the action for that role is accessed via the F key on keyboards, or Right Trigger on controllers. This includes the Engineer’s vent ability.


  • Stats that affect your achievements will persist across all linked platforms (essentially your stats are linked to your player ID)
  • You need to perform the actual action that would unlock that achievement to trigger it on another platform.
  • Fake achievement example to explain: If you got a 50 card swipe achievement on Steam and want that to unlock on iOS, you would need to do the card swipe task one more time in iOS to get the achievement.