Japanese YouTuber shocks public with hyperrealistic dog costume

Jake Nichols
Japanese dog costume

Toco, a Japanese YouTuber, has taken the internet by storm after making a public debut in his incredible hyperrealistic Border Collie costume.

Toco, who spent a staggering $15,791 on the dog costume, has been living his dream of becoming an animal.

The costume — meticulously crafted by Zeppet Workshop, a company known for its costume work in movies and television — took over 40 days to construct. For the last year, Toco has showcased the costume in videos posted to his YouTube channel, with many viewers questioning their own eyes. In all of these videos, Toco can be seen posing in his dog costume and behaving just as a dog would.

But now, Toco has taken it a step further…

On July 21, in a video titled “Dogs and people’s reactions to seeing a realistic dog costume!” Toco can be seen venturing out into the real world for the very first time.

The video description reads, “My name is Toco, I wanted to be an animal and I became a collie. This channel will bring you such an unusual video.”

In the video, Toco is seen being taken out for a walk on a leash, engaging with other dogs and humans at the park.

The reactions of passers-by and other dogs range from curiosity to astonishment, with many seemingly unable to discern that Toco is not actually a dog.

Toco’s journey to becoming a Collie has been a long one. Last year, his story of crafting the costume became a sensation, covered by various news outlets. He hired Zeppet Workshop to make the suit, which involved a lot of trial and error due to the significant differences between human and canine skeletal structures.

The decision to become a Border Collie was a strategic one. Toco believed that a larger animal close to his size would make for a more realistic model. The extra belly fur of the breed also helped hide the fact that an adult man was inside the costume.

With his YouTube channel gaining traction, viewers can expect to see more of Toco’s adventures as a Collie in the future. As Toco himself puts it, “I will continue this in the next video! Please subscribe to this channel!”