YouTube lawyer’s child tested positive for cocaine after parents’ drug arrest

Alice Sjöberg
YouTube lawyer Nicholas Rekieta

YouTube lawyer Nicholas Rekieta and his wife Kayla Rekieta were arrested in May on charges of owning guns and drugs, and endangering their five children. It’s now been revealed that one of their children tested positive for cocaine.

On May 23, 2024, officers from the Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at the Rekieta family residence. Court documents obtained by Dexerto revealed that officers found over 26 grams of cocaine, ketamine, drug paraphernalia, firearms, and ammunition in the home.

Both Nicholas, better known as Rekieta Law on YouTube, and Kayla were arrested, and the law enforcement officers placed the children on a law enforcement hold.

A worker from Kandiyohi County Health and Human Services (KCHHS) made the decision to remove the five children from the property, after learning that the home was very cluttered and difficult to walk around in without stepping on clothing, bedding, or blankets.

As the children were removed from the property, they were drug tested. One of the children tested positive for cocaine at a level of over 5000 with a cutoff of 500, court documents stated.

Nicholas and Kayla Rekieta
Nicholas and Kayla Rekieta have been arrested for endangering their five children.

It was then decided that the children should be put in foster care, as the home was seen as a risk to their health and safety. A CHIPS Petition was also filed on May 24, and the court date was set for June 7.

Records from the court stated: “Given the particular circumstances of the children and family at the time of children’s removals, there were no services or efforts available that could have allowed the children to safely remain in the home.”

The children are to stay with the foster family and are only allowed to have supervised visits with their parents at the KCHHS building. The children will remain in foster care until the parents can prove they are able to provide a safe environment for them.

The court documents also state that the KCHHS has tried to reunite the children with Nicholas and Kayla, but that the couple has hindered the efforts by revoking releases of information (ROIs), failing to submit drug tests, and not allowing the KCHHS full access to their home.

The court documents first leaked online in June, and Rekieta took to YouTube to comment, saying the documents should not have been made public. He said: “The release of information that is supposed to be protected is something that is concerning and uh, of course, I will have a lawyer looking into that right away.”

A trial for the custody of the children will start on July 23. Meanwhile, Nicholas and Kayla have been released from custody but are scheduled to appear in court for their charges on August 8, 2024.

If convicted, Nick and his wife could face up to 25 years behind bars. It is unclear if they have entered a plea at this time.