The Rock brutally roasts Cody Rhodes for ‘ruining’ Wrestlemania XL main event

Hunter Haas
The Rock rips Cody Rhodes while unveiling how things really went down regarding Wrestlemania XL

The Rock made his long-awaited return to the WWE a few months ago, and ever since then, he and Cody Rhodes have traded jabs back and forth.

Upon The Rock‘s return to the WWE, some fans initially were excited. Him challenging Roman Reigns for the Head of the Table sounded like an exhilarating Wrestlemania plan.

However, a large portion of the WWE Universe rolled their eyes at his return, as it pushed Cody Rhodes onto the backburner, not allowing him to “finish the story.”

After Rhodes agreed to take a backseat to The Bloodline, he had a change of heart. Instead, the American Nightmare demanded his title shot at Wrestlemania, and the WWE obliged.

The Rock roasts Cody Rhodes in lengthy rant

On Friday, in a 20-minute long Instagram video, The Rock threw shade at Rhodes and shed light on what really happened behind the scenes.

He said, “The Rock called Cody Rhodes and had a conversation. Because Cody knew the biggest match of all time was looming.

“He talked to Cody and said you have the opportunity to bring this business up to places it’s never been before.

“You can always, with all due respect, finish your story another time. And you agreed. ‘Rock it stings, but I agree. It stings, but I’m a team player. It stings, but I want what’s best for the business.’

“And then what happened? I gave you a hug, and you hugged The Rock back. And what did you do, Cody?

“You gave The Rock a look. And it’s the same look you gave the world like The Rock went out and ran over your goofy a** dog.

The Rock detailed how he felt he was betrayed by Cody Rhodes, claiming that he thought they were on the same page when it seems that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

“You know where you really screwed up? When you talked s*** about my family,” The Rock claimed. “And then what happened? The Rock embarrassed you in front of the world. He slapped the s*** out of you. From the bottom of my heart, man to man, f*** your story!”

The Rock and Cody Rhodes will appear on three Friday Night Smackdown cards ahead of Wrestlemania XL.

The WWE will likely hold off on the Rock-Rhodes scrum until after ‘Mania, but expect more details when “The Great One” shows up to Smackdown.

The bad blood has seemingly just begun.

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