John Cena apologizes for “ignorant” comment about The Rock

Hunter Haas
John Cena reflects on “ignorant” comments he made toward The Rock during WWE feud

John Cena and The Rock shared an onscreen rivalry in the early 2010s, but as WWE fans know, their issues stretched far beyond the squared circle.

The Rock served as the top attraction in the WWE after bursting onto the scene following his infamous 1997 heel turn. “The Great One” went on to win several championships during his tenure with the company.

He would eventually depart from the WWE after finding success as an actor. John Cena stepped up in The Rock’s absence and captained the ship as the leader of the locker room.

But things flipped on its head when The Rock returned to wrestling in 2011. The pair feuded for over two years, culminating in record-breaking Wrestlemania main events.

The Rock won the first main event at Wrestlemania 28, before Cena emerged victorious the following year at Wrestlemania 29. Fans received the rivalry well, both superstars have admitted that things became too personal in the lead-up to their matches.

John Cena talks relationship with The Rock on Howard Stern

In an appearance on the Howard Stern Show, Cena opened up about the rivalry. He was asked, “So, it became a real feud between you and The Rock?”

Cena replied, “Oh, my God. Yeah. To me, it was more like I was going to jab the guy because I had nothing to lose. I guess my angle came from the fact that he was openly saying, ‘I love the WWE.’ I’m like, man, if you love it, why aren’t you here?”

Cena reflected on that stance now that he has a career in the film industry, “What a stupid thing to say. It was ignorant. It was my ignorant perspective. And I’m so sorry.”

When asked if he’s apologized to The Rock directly, Cena said he did immediately after their Wrestlemania 29 match. “Now I have to eat a bunch of s*** and say I was wrong, and I’m sorry.”

“Was that awkward?” Stern asked. “For like five minutes,” Cena quipped back. “After that, I went to his mom and said I was sorry, and I hope she understood that everything I was doing, I did for the business.”

Cena continued, “Then, I went to [The Rock]. I said I hope you understand. And I think it was in those 30 minutes that he had a greater understanding that this kid is just a little ignorant. He doesn’t see the whole picture yet.”

Stern finished, “Are you friends now?” Cena, now a movie star in his own right, fired back, “Yes! I text him all the time. Every inch of success he has earned. And now, having to tread in some of his wake, I see exactly how difficult all of that is.”

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