WoW’s Mythic Fyrakk World First Raid Race conquered by Echo Esports after intense battle

Liam Ho
Fyrakk in World of WarcraftBlizzard

World of Warcraft’s Mythic Fyrakk Raid was taken down by Europe’s Echo in an intense race to Worlds First.

Blizzard’s longstanding MMORPG World of Warcraft is one of the most iconic titles of its genre. Released back in 2004, the game has had several ups and downs throughout its history, however, with a relatively well-received Dragonflight expansion, and the announcement of 3 new expansions as part of their Worldsoul Saga, hype is building once again.

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Of course one of the most popular aspects of Blizzard’s MMO has to be its raids. World of Warcraft’s raids offer challenging experiences to groups of players, often requiring high levels of coordination to clear correctly.

Organizations like Team Liquid and Echo Esports have dedicated raiding teams who attempt to clear the new mythic tier as fast as possible, claiming the World’s First victory. These events are massive in the WoW community, as players come together to see the best of the best conquer the ultimate challenges. Now, Echo can lay claim to another page in the history books as they were able to take down Mythic Fyrakk before any other group in the world.

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With a wipe on just 1.8% health, Echo was poised to take down the newest raid boss. Battling it out for Worlds First was Team Liquid, who had also reported wiping on just 1.7% of the boss’s health.

Fortunately for Echo, they were able to clutch out a victory before Team Liquid, clearing the boss in the neck of time.

Many celebrations were held within the Echo facility, with the players coming together with cheers and hugs all around.

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Fyrakk is also the final raid boss for Amirdrassil, which is the final raid for the current expansion, crowning Echo as the ultimate victors as they close this chapter in WoW history.

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