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WoW Shadowlands patch 9.0.5 turns shields into frisbees and players aren’t happy

Published: 18/Mar/2021 13:30

by Lauren Bergin


While WoW Shadowlands patch 9.0.5 brought with it some refreshing attempts to balance the game’s classes, it has changed the size of shields and players aren’t pleased. 

WoW Shadowlands’ patch 9.0.5 has been the breath of fresh air that a lot of fans have been waiting for. With Blizzard finally showing an active interest in implementing fan feedback, many fans have treated the update as a blessing.

One of the main changes was the reintroduction of Valor Points, the precious currency that allows you to upgrade items dropped in Mythic+ dungeons.

There’s a relatively minor change, however, that has left players out in the cold.


Patch 9.0.5 turns shields into “frisbees”

WoW Castle Nathria
Blizzard Entertainment
Iconic dungeon Castle Nathria was also saw some changes in patch 9.0.5.

One WoW fan took to the dedicated Subreddit to point out their main issue with patch 9.0.5: that Shadowlands dungeon shields have been reduced in size.

Including before and after images of their favorite weapon, they’ve entitled the thread “my shield is no longer a shield. It is now a frisbee. Thanks, I hate it.”

Considering that the post has, at the time of writing, accumulated 8.9k upvotes in less that 24 hours, it’s apparent that a lot of WoW fans empathise with the original poster or, alternatively, are having a giggle at their expense.

WoW fans demand shield size fix

A quick glance at the comments section of the thread proves that a lot of fans find the change to be equal parts frustrating and hilarious.


One commenter writes that “I hate this. It feels like there are no shield sizes in between “tiny buckler” and “character-height tower shield.”

Taking a jocular approach to the situation, one fan pointed out that “it’s not the size of the shield, it’s how you use it.”

While shields might not look particularly intimidating anymore, it’s likely that this size change will remain in the game. On the bright side though, that is one cool looking frisbee.