WoW players want devs to make Legion Timewalking permanent feature

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

WoW’s Shadowlands expansion has had its ups and downs, but Legion Timewalking is something players think should stay in the game for good.

Timewalking is an event that, when active, allows players level 50 or higher access to a special Dungeon Finder queue. This scales players and items down to revisit past dungeons from the Legion expansion.

It’s proven to be one of the few things most players enjoy from the Shadowlands expansion. As a result, players are calling on Blizzard to keep it for good.

Make Legion Timewalking permanent

WoW players want to see Timewalking kept as a permanent feature.

In a post on the WoW subreddit on December 28, user Radalek suggested Timewalking could help keep players around.

“Player engagement is necessary to keep the game profitable,” Radalek said. “I get it — there’s no better way to keep people in a hamster wheel than with incessant grinding.”

However, it’s when this grinding is used as a crutch for the rest of the content that the content in Timewalking becomes even more appealing.

“But when you’re releasing entire expansions that felt like they never left the beta (BFA/SL), then it really feels like these systems were created not to make gameplay interesting,” they wrote. “But, instead, to compensate for the lack of interesting gameplay and content.”

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Shadowlands player count has dropped off since release.

In addition to keeping Timewalking around, Radalek suggested it should be made more frequent as well, instead of just happening a few times each year.

“There should be Timewalking every week and just rotate through the past expansions,” they suggested. “The fact that if you miss one week of legion Timewalking, you have to wait 4.5 months to play it again, is terrifying.”

Keeping this feature around might not be the end all, be all solution WoW is looking for. But, it would show devs are listening to the community, and be a great way to keep players around and playing the game.