WoW players pick map location to be transformed into city

André González Rodríguez
WoW architecture
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World of Warcraft has numerous zones that players can traverse through, all with different cities that bring their own style. This architecture is often left by the wayside, but the game’s players want that to be changed.

WoW has been through a total of eight expansions throughout its 17-year lifespan. That means there’s a lot of content to go through.

New zones, new races, new classes, new storylines and much more were added in all of these, keeping the game updated in all aspects imaginable.

Expansions are game-defining, meaning that whatever current expansion is live, it’ll dictate the rest of the game’s new content. Zones, especially, are privy to this.

WoW Revendreth Dessication zombies
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WoW’s zones are some of the most key aspects of the game.

Zones contain the new monsters and NPCs players interact with, quests that lore lovers might enjoy, all of it; but some of the most memorable WoW experiences pertain to the zones’ architecture.

WoW players want a Jinyu-themed city

Brought to attention by Redditor ‘TheAceofHearth’ on the official WoW subreddit, they suggested that there should be a city based on specific structures they pointed out.

This architecture, of course, was a Jinyu-themed building. The Jinyu were one of the races that Alliance players interacted with in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Thought to be part of the allied races when they were first announced, many WoW fans were wanting the Jinyu to be a more prominent addition to the game.

TheAceofHearth seems to be one of those WoW fans that would appreciate the Jinyu, and their architecture, to be a bigger part of the game. This was shown by their desire to have their architecture as another big city, saying, “I wish there was a whole friendly city based on this architecture.”

These sentiments were echoed by others in the thread, as well.

“When they first announced Allied Races I thought a really cool thing to do with the concept would be to release a new pair for each old expansion,” one commenter wrote.

“Jinyu and Hozen for MoP, Dragonmaw and Wildhammer for Cataclysm, etc. Have each pair come with a little story update so we can see how that expansion’s area has been doing in the intervening years.”

The game already has plenty of new cities for players to enjoy. Only time will tell if Blizzard will make any fan-wanted additions.