WoW players slam “horrible” Hearthstone anniversary event plagued by issues

James Lynch
Alexstrasza roars in WoW Dragonflight

Blizzard is currently celebrating the 10th anniversary of its immensely popular CCG Hearthstone. As such, they are tying the celebrations into the MMO that birthed it, World of Warcraft. Unfortunately, many are unhappy with its implementation.

The anniversary event has brought with it a bunch of new collectibles for WoW players to farm. These include another mount, toy and several cosmetics tied to the card game.

The chief way of farming for these items is by defeating bosses in Valdrakken, Orgrimmar, and Stormwind. These bosses are designed to spawn every hour, but there have been a number of reports of them appearing at odd and disjointed times.

This and several other issues are now causing friction in the community, and many are starting to make their voices heard.

Lag and other issues cause anger at WoW’s Hearthstone Anniversary event

In a post on Reddit, one WoW player slammed the implementation of the Hearthstone event in-game. They slammed the drop rate, spawn timers and myriad other issues, saying the celebration has the “single worst implementation of any event” in the history of the game.

Many were quick to agree. One cited the unfair advantage given to one faction, saying: “What kills me about it is they literally made one portal inaccessible to Horde without being flagged. Like… on what planet is that fairly designed?”

“The alliance can easily clear all three portals without ever risking themselves. But if you’re Horde? Welp, guess you’ve gotta flag up if you want to tag the boss.”

Another added: “I hate it. I’m a huge completionist, so I do almost everything in the game but event after event, it all keeps getting worse. Makes me not even want to play anymore.”

The event runs until March 18, so the developer does have time to make alterations. Whether they will do so remains to be seen. In any case, the event comes at an exciting time for WoW, with the mystery patch 10.2.6. set to arrive soon and The War Within will be released later this year.

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