WoW player asked for a Battle Royale literally days before Plunderstorm was revealed

James Lynch
Two pirates stand and fight in WoW Plunderstorm

World of Warcraft players are almost uniquely invested in their game and they often have requests for the developer. Now, one fan found their request answered almost immediately in a spectacular coincidence.

March 19 saw the arrival of a new pirate-themed Battle Royale in World of Warcraft: Plunderstorm. This huge departure from the norm sees sixty players take to the Arathi Highlands amid an ever-enclosing storm. The last solo or duo alive wins the game.

The differences from Modern WoW are furthered by the removal of the class system and gear. Instead, players pick up and drop abilities throughout the round, with each game starting as a relatively blank slate (aside from character leveling).

Interestingly, just before the mode was announced and released, one player’s request for the developer was surprisingly prescient.

Season of Discovery player’s Battle Royale request answered almost immediately

In a post on Reddit, one Season of Discovery player called on Blizzard to make a WoW Battle Royale. The reasoning behind this was the STV Blood Moon event. This free-for-all experience has proved divisive but popular with many.

Just three days after making this request public, Blizzard delivered. Plunderstorm is now out in the wild and the OP is presumably very happy. Additionally, the new mode offers rewards for Classic WoW, including a new Parrot mount.

The responses are full of conspiracies and Dune references, calling the OP Lisan Al Gaib. One said, ” Either you’re a dev who was trying to be cheeky, or you used a wish without realizing it. And if you are the former… for the love of all that’s holy, restore Tank Warlock retail, Gladiator, and maybe put in playable Murlocs.”

The new Battle Royale is sadly a time-limited event and will only be live for around six weeks. In that time, players looking to earn new rewards have 40 Renown levels to progress through.