WoW devs confirm Marks of Honor change in Season of Discovery

James Lynch
The entrance to the flag room in WSG PvP, where Marks of Honor can be earned

With Phase Two of World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery on the immediate horizon, players have been looking to steal a march on the competition. Unfortunately for them, one major Marks of Honor leveling exploit has been blocked by the game’s developer.

The latest seasonal offering from Blizzard has quickly become one of its most popular. The refreshed experience within the Classic WoW framework has really struck a chord with the wider community surrounding the game.

A big part of that is the staggered leveling setup. Within that, players have been able to reach Level 25 initially. Phase Two is set to raise that to 40, before eventually moving on to 50 and then 60 as the game enters its end phase.

Now, one popular plan relating to Marks of Honor has been blocked by the Season of Discovery developers.

Marks of Honor will no longer reward XP after Level 25 in Season of Discovery

In a blue post on the official World of Warcraft website, the developer confirmed that Marks of Honor will not reward XP to players who are Level 25 or above when Phase Two launches on February 8.

The Blue Post detailing Marks of Honor change in Season of Discovery

The way the exploit worked would have been relatively simple. Players had been building up Marks of Honor currency over the last few weeks of Phase One. They would stockpile these and restore any mail that featured the item. These could then be turned in for significant XP when Phase Two launched.

This latest move is actually a notable change from Blizzard’s original plan to address the issue. In that, they were going to stop mail restoration of the item and purge mailboxes before the launch of Phase Two.

It seems as though technological issues prevented them from making this a reality and they are pivoting to XP removal as mitigation.

With just one day to go before Season of Discovery Phase Two goes live, Marks of Honor farmers will be scrambling to use their accumulated currency.