WoW community unite to ask Blizzard for major quest log change in Season of Discovery

James Lynch
Warlock in Season of DiscoveryBlizzard Entertainment

The potential of World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery is seemingly endless, and the community has united to request a significant change to how the quest log works in-game.

For the uninitiated, Season of Discovery is set to be Blizzard’s take on the highly requested Classic+ game mode. Previously unfinished zones will now be updated and ready to explore, while players can earn new loot and exciting gear along the way.

Additionally, each class will be able to unlock new powers and abilities via the Rune Engraving system. This should, in theory, allow them to operate in previously impossible roles.

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As a direct response to these potential changes, the WoW Classic community has been sharing their personal requests for features they would like included. One such proposal is drawing almost universal support.

WoW Classic players want a more extensive quest log in Season of Discovery

In a post on Reddit, one user shared their desire for the maximum number of quests in the log to be increased from 20-25.

In an unusual twist for a gaming community of that size, players were almost united in their belief that this was a good idea. One user waded straight into the debate, saying: “Hey Blizz, if you are reading – just do it. People who are complaining that the quest log size will “RuIN tHa ImMMeRSsiOn” will complain about anything but will keep playing. And other people will be happier. Win-win”

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Another added that they couldn’t see a good reason why more quests would ruin the immersion, saying: “What is the immersion reasoning that the quest log has to be limited? I mean, you keep your quests in a journal or something, right? There would be plenty of room to add more quests to a good thick journal.”

Some even wanted to take the idea further and remove the limit entirely, with one stating: “Cap should be removed entirely. The same people complaining it would hurt the experience also use addons like Questie, TomTom, or RestedEXP. It hurts nothing.”

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Blizzard recently confirmed significant changes to servers and faction balancing in the wake of substantial discourse among players of the game. With Season of Discovery set to release on November 30, it won’t be long until everyone gets to see whether the gambles have paid off.

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