Asmongold claims WoW Classic expansions are more than FIFA, Skyrim-like re-releases

asmongold-wow-classic-expansionsBlizzard / YouTube: Asmongold

Asmongold claims that replaying World of Warcraft Classic expansions is more ‘exciting’ than FIFA, NBA 2K, and Skyrim-like re-releases, and he believes it all comes down to the nostalgia.

World of Warcraft is still chugging along after all these years. Asmongold believes the sheer quality of the game is the main reason why. The introduction of WoW Classic in 2019 seems to have played a big part, too.

Moreover, the developers are always looking for new ways to keep the game fresh. Nothing can do that better than an expansion. Not everyone is on the board with the idea, though – especially when it comes to WoW Classic.

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One of Asmongold’s fans vented about it on Reddit, saying: “Why are people so excited to play expansions they’ve already played before? You’re just re-purchasing what you’ve already bought. Enlighten me.”

Asmon took them up on the challenge. He pointed out that other franchises like Skyrim, FIFA, and NBA 2K re-hash content all the time. Then, he explained why he believes the WoW Classic expansions are better.

WoW Classic players are looking forward to the next expansion, Wrath of the Lich King.

“I’m pretty sure if we have any Elder Scrolls fans, you guys are pretty f**king used to that, right?” said Asmon. “How many times have you bought Skyrim? Four or five times now? They do this all the time. This is just the way it goes.

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“FIFA players buy a new FIFA every year. What do they do? They change the number on Ronaldo’s jersey, and now you’ve got to buy it again for fifty dollars? Then you’ve got to buy all the new cards again. NBA 2K does the same f**king thing.

“The reason why people are excited about playing the old WoW expansions is nostalgia. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. You just love the game, and you want to go back and play it again and have the experience that you used to have.”

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The next WoW Classic expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, hasn’t been confirmed yet. However, Blizzard hasn’t ruled it out if the interest is there.

“We want to hear what the community wants,” they told IGN. “What people want to see is what we want to do. If people are excited about the next chapters, then we want to hear about that and start talking about it.”