Asmongold reveals WoW complaint he sent to Blizzard over mount drop rate

Bill Cooney

WoW streamer Asmongold has revealed to fans he sent an email to Blizzard complaining about the incredibly low drop rate for Necroray Eggs from Maldraxxus, which makes the mounts of the same name almost impossible to get.

It’s no secret Asmongold is a big fan of collecting mounts in WoW, like a lot of hardcore players are. However, the ones that are exclusively available through Maldraxxus have proved more frustrating than others.

There are three different variations of these Necroray mounts: Bulbous, Infested, and Pestilent, and all three are unlocked by looting an item called the Necroray Egg, which drop from the Necrolord Calling Box reward from Maldraxxus.

The issue is that they seem almost impossible to unlock without hundreds of runs, so Asmon wrote to Blizzard personally in search of an answer.

“What is the design goal with the Necroray Eggs?”

In the email Asmon questioned what devs were trying to accomplish with the abysmally low drop rate of the eggs.

“Personally, I’ve opened ~170 boxes and receieved 0 eggs and while I thought maybe I was having bad luck, I looked online and there were people who had opened over 300 without seeing a single egg,” he wrote, referencing other players’ complaints on WoWHead and the official forums.

Indeed, there are plenty of posts on both sites wondering just how much of a grind really is required to acquire an egg, and one of the mounts.

“Assuming the chance of getting an egg is between 1-50 and 1-100, an average player would have to spend an entire YEAR farming these callings to obtain just one of these eggs, let alone the three that are required to have all the mounts,” he continued.

Whether intentional or not, Necroray’s have become some of the rarest mounts in Shadowlands due to the low drop rate of eggs.

“I don’t want to come off like a mount collector who’s salty they didn’t get the drop (I am),” he added. “But moreso draw attention and ask a legitimate question considering there’s a good chance it might not be intended given the president set by previous paragon box/calling box rewards.”

It does seem a bit odd that a majority of players seen to be in the same boat as Asmon — never even seeing a single egg — but whether or not Blizzard will respond or make a change remains to be seen.