Asmongold proves Blizzard didn’t fix WoW bug live on stream

Bill Cooney

The Burning Crusade expansion for World of Warcraft Classic doesn’t technically come out for a few more days, but Twitch streamer Asmongold has already caught Blizzard slipping.

TBC Classic, as this remake is known, won’t be out until June 1 officially, but plenty of people are already playing away in the pre-launch patch, getting everything ready for release day.

A particularly odd bug has been popping up that allows players to invite those from different realms to join their group. Blizzard has clarified it was a glitch, not a feature, but their claim of it being fixed might have come a little too soon.

WoW Classic Burning Crusade
Burning Crusade originally came out in 2007, but is back for its Classic reboot.

For those who don’t know, realms are just the different servers you can play WoW on. There are PvP, PvE, even realms to role play, if you’re into that sort of thing. You can have multiple characters on multiple realms, but what you’re not supposed to be able to do is invite characters from a different realm to your group.

While taking a look at the latest news on TBC Classic, Asmon noticed that Blizzard claimed to have fixed this bug letting players cross-realm group invite, and decided to put on a little test to see if they actually had.

“Blizzard confirms Burning Crusade cross-realm grouping is a bug. There was a bug in Burning Crusade that made it possible to invite player characters from other realms. This bug was fixed several hours ago,'” Asmon said, reading Blizzard’s latest announcement on the expansion reboot. “Can somebody from another realm whisper me?”

Sure enough, in a matter of seconds Asmon had tons of whispers coming in from players. Picking the first one, he shot them a group invite, and, sure enough, they were able to join the streamer’s party, even though he was in a different realm.

“Alright so, anyways, I have to go get a drink,” Asmon nonchalantly added after proving Blizzard hadn’t actually fixed the bug, despite putting out an update claiming to have.

After being called out by Asmongold and we assume countless other WoW players, Blizzard devs did throw in an update to clarify that the bug was indeed still very active, and hadn’t been fixed yet, adding once and for all: “Cross-realm is not intended.”