WoW: Cataclysm Classic Beta unavailable features & known issues

James Lynch
Deathwing sits on a burning building in Cataclysm Classic

The Cataclysm Classic Beta is now live and players are getting to experience one of World of Warcraft’s most controversial expansions all over again. That said, the game is not feature complete at this early stage.

When it was released after the heady successes of Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm was a highly contentious offering. The arrival of the great dragon Deathwing permanently changed the old world and some felt the original WoW was lost.

That said, it did have a lot of positives. Goblins and Worgens were added to the game as playable races, and it included some beloved dungeons and raids. Additionally, Deathwing was a spectacular antagonist, even if the Spine of Deathwing encounter was a bit of a farce.

With the Classic version of the expansion now in Beta, Blizzard has confirmed what players can expect.

Complete list of missing features & known issues in Cataclysm Classic

In a blue post on the official World of Warcraft website, the team behind the game confirmed that there are missing features. On top of that, there are known issues that the developer is aware of. The full list of unavailable features is as follows:

  • Reforging
  • Archaeology
  • Goblins and Worgen Races
  • Transmogrification
  • Guild system updates
  • Leveling past 80
  • Endgame dungeons
  • Dungeon Journal
  • Tol Barad
  • Character info screen updates

The complete account of known issues includes:

  • Testers may receive a Lua error relating to Blizzard_SettingsDefinitions_Frame_Classic.toc when logging into the game.
  • The World map has some selection and highlighting issues.
  • There may be a LUA error when opening the Collections UI or selecting a new pet or mount.
  • Minimaps do not work inside a majority of indoor environments.
  • The Mastery Passive and Armor Specialization can’t be learned from your trainer.
  • Leveling up shows “Congratulations, you have reached [Level 0]” in the chat.
  • Some quest-givers in Southern Barrens aren’t spawning properly.
  • Some quest NPCs in the Redridge Mountains are not spawning properly.

That’s the full breakdown at the time of writing. As the developer progresses through the Beta and continues to add features, this guide will be updated accordingly.