Asmongold confirms he’s not quitting WoW for other games with perfect analogy

Asmongold explains why he still loves WoWTwitch/Asmongold

Twitch star Asmongold reaffirmed his love for World of Warcraft despite streaming loads of Final Fantasy 14 over the weekend and used a hilarious analogy to prove his point.

The uber popular streamer took Twitch by storm in early July by playing Final Fantasy XIV and earning over $30,000 in the process with just a single broadcast.

His streams continued to pull in big numbers and even though he dealt with stream snipers along the way, the Twitch icon pulled through as Square Enix took action and banned them.

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With so much in favor of Final Fantasy and even after being called an “a**hole” by a Blizzard dev, the streamer confirmed that he has no plans on quitting WoW in favor of other games anytime soon.

“Even off-stream I’ll play WoW,” he explained. “It’s not something that I just wanted to do on stream for content or whatever. I do actually love WoW and I enjoy the game in a lot of ways.”

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Asmongold further stressed that while he has drifted apart from the game in recent years with his reasons for enjoying WoW changing over time, he still comes back to it time and time again.

“You play other games all day and then you come back and you play WoW,” he said.

The streamer went on to share a hilarious analogy about how his relationship with World of Warcraft is like a marriage that he’s committed to: “It’s like going to a strip club and you’re hanging out with all the 19-year-old strippers and then you come home to your fat wife that you still love,” he joked.

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Twitch viewers got a big kick out of Asmongold’s comments, spamming KEKW and LUL in the chat, but they seemed to agree with his remarks with many writing “true” as well.

“The reality is I do live WoW. I care about WoW a lot… but it’s nice to do something different,” he continued.

It’s good news for those who enjoy Asmongold’s Warcraft content, but for viewers wanting to see him try new games every now and then, you’re in luck too.

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