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FFXIV players hit out at ‘double standards’ after Asmongold stream snipers are banned

Published: 5/Jul/2021 23:21 Updated: 6/Jul/2021 15:01

by Bill Cooney


Twitch streamer Asmongold has only been playing Final Fantasy XIV Online for a few days on stream, but he already seems to be having a better time with stream snipers than he ever did with World of Warcraft. Thing is, not everyone’s happy about the special treatment from devs.

Asmongold is, without a doubt, one of the biggest MMO streamers on Twitch, and has made waves in recent days after switching his attention to Final Fantasy XIV Online — what many see as a direct competitor to his old standby, World of Warcraft.

His journey from Azeroth to Hydaelyn has already been plenty eventful, to say the least. Asmon raked in over $30K in one stream playing the game, and even got called an “a**hole” by an actual Blizzard employee shortly after making the move.


Now, Square Enix seems to be trying to one-up the WoW devs again by actually banning people who are stream sniping, a perk that — based on other FFXIV players and streamers — seems to be exclusive.

“Looks like Square Enix is actually banning the clowns who spent literally hours running after me and streamsniping me. F***ing awesome,” the streamer wrote on Twitter. “It’s incredible how easy of a problem this is to solve when a company actually cares.”

It’s easy to understand why Asmon would be so hyped about this, as Blizzard wasn’t exactly known for taking care of people who’s only quest objective seemed to be to get in the way and disrupt his gameplay as much as possible.


Swedish streamer AnnieFuchsia, shared the same post from Asmon’s subreddit.

“I remember getting streamsniped, getting griefed, getting clipped on stream with titles such as ‘haha rekt’ when the same people killed and harassed me daily when I was trying to level on a pvp server,” Annie wrote. “It’s part of the game” is what I was told.”

Annie later clarified that her comments were directed at Blizzard, not Square Enix.

FFXIV has been one of the top games on Twitch since Asmongold started playing.

Whether or not FFXIV devs will start cracking down on stream snipers across the board, though, remains to be seen.