Alinity gets incredibly lucky after WoW Classic disconnect

Eli Becht

Twitch streamer World of Warcraft Classic but was blessed with a stroke of luck upon her subsequent login.

Lots of streamers have jumped into the WoW Classic grind and that has resulted in massive queue times on pretty much every server.

The unofficial streamer server, Faerlina, has reached lines in the tens of thousands, meaning players have to kick back and wait hours before they can even get in.

Players want the opportunity to play with the big streamers which leads to that server, in particular, having extremely long wait times.

Blizzard EntertainmentWoW Classic has arrived.

Alinity, who is not on the big streamer server, was in the middle of playing when she was randomly disconnected following a load screen, which would usually mean you’re stuck in a queue forever upon login.

Her jaw dropped as she frantically went back to the login screen, selected her full server, and somehow completely skipped the line.

“Holy shit,” she said. “Holy fuck. I got so lucky.”

Being randomly disconnected is tough for anyone but it’s especially an issue if you’re a streamer since viewers are relying on you for content.

If you find yourself staring at a queue the whole time then viewers are no doubt going to leave and find someone who isn’t doing that. Then again, over 500,000 viewers were watching a login screen on launch day.

Activision-BlizzardMany big streamers have tried out World of Warcraft Classic.

The disconnects have become a bit of a problem in Classic, especially when you consider the times they occur.

Fortunately, Alinity was just on a staircase free of any danger but when Asmongold was disconnected, it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

He was in the middle of coordinating a major PvP event when he was dropped from the server.

When he logged back in he found himself with a much smaller army and was quickly overrun by the Horde.

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