Faker’s Would-Be Rivals | LoL Documentary ft. Thorin - Dexerto

Faker’s Would-Be Rivals | LoL Documentary ft. Thorin

Published: 10/Sep/2019 13:03 Updated: 5/Dec/2019 13:23

by Dexerto


Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields delves into the career of Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok and highlights everyone who attempted to dethrone him as the greatest League of Legends player in the world.

Despite the universally undisputed title of greatest LoL player in history, Faker has had more than his fair share of challengers who have looked to topple him, yet he remains firmly seated at the top of the table. 

We look at who those would-be rivals were, and how he remained dominant.

Call of Duty

Prestige returns in Black Ops Cold War & Sally Is A Dog interview | CharlieIntel Podcast #9

Published: 16/Nov/2020 11:04

by Shane King


Prestige has made it’s long-awaited return to Call of Duty in the franchise’s new title Black Ops Cold War. It’s not entirely the same as players will remember from previous CoDs though.

Mike and Keshav welcome Sally Is A Dog to Episode #9 of the CharlieIntel Podcast. During this week’s episode, we delve into the new prestige system in Black Ops Cold War. The hosts also go into the launch roadmap for the latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise and also touch on why there isn’t as much hype as expected.

With Sally Is A Dog, the group discusses all things Warzone, from the content creator’s favorite load-outs and drop spots to his opinion on whether Warzone should change over to the Treyarch engine to be aligned with the rest of Black Ops Cold War.

The hosts also discuss the prestige system returning in the game and how the seasonal-based prestige system will work in comparison to old entries in the series and if it is possible for players to hit the level 1000 level cap.