LoL legend Faker jumps into Palworld and immediately becomes Ryze again

Liam Ho
Palworld with Ryze

The League of Legends veteran Faker has jumped onto the Palworld train and decided to recreate the champion Ryze.

League of Legends can be a fairly difficult game to play. As a highly competitive 5v5 MOBA, the title requires you to take on others of varying skill levels, meaning you could crush or potentially get crushed. The devs try their best to match players of equivalent skill together in order to avoid this issue.

However, that’s a challenge if you’re one of the best players to ever grace the game. Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok is arguably the best League of Legends player out there. Held in high regard, Faker has won four world championships with his team T1, with the most recent victory only last year in 2023.

Of course, conquering League of Legends must get boring from time to time, so Faker decided to join the Palworld hype train everyone’s been on. Despite the break, the LoL pro couldn’t forget his roots and decided to create one of his favorite champs in the survival title.

Palworld’s character creator really goes all out with letting you build larger-than-life characters. You can give them huge arms, huge torsos, or just generally misproportion the entirety of their body. This was perfect though, as Faker knew exactly what sort of character they wanted to create.

The runic archmage Ryze is known for his blue skin tone, beard, and love for scrolls and is a staple of pro-LoL play. As a pro, Faker is familiar with the ins and outs of the EQ spamming magus and decided it would be fitting to role-play as the character.

It makes complete sense too, as Ryze’s lore sees him travel across Runeterra in search of World Runes, fitting perfectly into Palworld’s open-world survival genre. Now Ryze can search not only for the all-powerful runes, but maybe pick up a few Pals and some heavy weaponry along the way.