Zedd hits up Dr Disrespect for potential Valorant stream collab

Zedd and Dr Disrespect playing ValorantWikimedia Commons: Charito Yap / Dr Disrespect / Riot Games

It’s no secret popular DJ Anton ‘Zedd’ Zaslavski is a big fan of Valorant. He’s pretty good at it too, streaming on Twitch from time-to-time. However, he’s aiming for the stars when it comes to gaming, and could potentially be duoing with Dr Disrespect in the near future.

Zedd is pretty open about his love for Valorant. The DJ is no pushover either ⁠— he’s hit Immortal before, and used to stream the title pretty frequently on Twitch.

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He plays a mean duelist on Phoenix and Jett, and that might make him a pretty good duo along Dr Disrespect.

The Two-time has played a chunk of Valorant himself from time-to-time. He’s been on the grind again, posting a clip of him booting up onto Future Earth and farming some enemies.

His gameplay did catch the eye of Zedd, who might be looking to take a break from producing his next big hit to play a couple of games with the Doc.

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“Doc, it’s time for us to duo,” the DJ said on Twitter in reply to one of Dr Disrespect’s clips.

While the Two-time hasn’t made a public note of Zedd’s request yet, it’d be a collab to bring the house down.

The two would make a formidable duo, fragging out on duelists. It could even have the potential to break livestreaming records if they manage to make it a big deal.

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Dr Disrespect has mentioned that he’s “addicted” to Valorant again, even hitting up Riot to potentially design a new map.

The developers are all ears, with director Joe Ziegler asking Dr Disrespect to send through his thoughts and ideas for any potential maps for Valorant down the line.

So, if the stars align, Zedd and Dr Disrespect could be hitting the queues together in Valorant very soon — maybe even on a Doc-designed map.

We’ll be keeping our eyes out for it.

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