Yay’s performance called into question following Valorant competitive low

Daniel Appleford
yay bleed

It has been 418 days since Yay last secured a series win in competitive Valorant, following Bleed’s defeat to Talon Esports.

During his time on OpTic Gaming, Yay was regarded as one of the premier players from North America. Amidst the Jett and Chamber meta, his skill soared, with many believing he had the potential to surpass players such as TenZ.

However, Yay has since been passed around to different teams and left without a spot on any tier-one team for the majority of 2023. After getting dropped by Cloud9 at the start of the VCT Americas season, Yay played in tier two before accepting a position overseas.

Off the back of a NA win at Champions, many considered Americas to be one of the best regions in the game. This made Yay’s move to Pacific, a region that has never won an international event, the metaphorical nail in the coffin.

Yay joined Bleed Esports during the 2023 off-season, where he was surrounded by teammates from outside his country. Despite being from one of the best regions in Valorant, he struggled to make any progress.

Bleed’s 1-2 loss to Talon at the start of Pacific Stage 1 marks over 400 days since Yay has last celebrated a win. This has led some to wonder if he was only good during the peak of the Chamber meta.

“Yay will never beat the chamber one-trick allegations,” said one user.

Others poked fun at the fact that some people started the series by saying Yay was “so back” due to his ace against Talon during map one by referencing his once-infamous name “El Diablo.” One user joked, “EL DIABLO IS SO BACK.”

Bleed still has a long road ahead of them this season. They play Rex Regum Qeon, ZETA DIVISION, and Paper Rex in their upcoming matches, potentially adding more days since Yay’s last win.

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